Decorative Gypsum

Gypsum is an ideal material for creative domes, arches, columns, carvings, patterns and a variety of architectural elements. With the correct knowledge and skills, architectural elements can be created cheaper and quicker than with any other material available in the market.

The moldable characteristic of gypsum enables us to achieve any surface finish desirable, that once painted will look as authentic as the actual material at a much lower cost.

There are a variety of Gypsum types that we use. From the traditional plaster reinforced with Manila hemp or cotton jute, we developed stronger and lighter types of cast plaster reinforced with steel or glass-fibre (GRG). Different projects have different specifications and requirements, and we always try to develop the best Gypsum formulas to provide our clients with the most satisfactory product.

Some designers have started to explore complex 3 dimensional organic shapes, which we have the technology and skill to be able to create and install. The flexibility and ease with which gypsum can be manipulated and the skill that we have acquired makes all shapes possible to fabricate.